Saturday, August 6, 2011

Oracle Payments Query

SELECT SUBSTR (fcr.outfile_name,
INSTR (fcr.outfile_name, '/', -1) + 1) filename,
RANK () OVER (PARTITION BY pi.payment_instruction_id
ORDER BY pcc.request_id DESC) c_rank

FROM iby_process_conc_requests pcc,
fnd_concurrent_requests fcr,
iby_pay_instructions_all pi,
iby_acct_pmt_profiles_b ap,
iby_sys_pmt_profiles_b sp,
iby_formats_b f

AND pcc.request_id = fcr.request_id
AND pcc.object_id = pi.payment_instruction_id
AND ap.payment_profile_id = pi.payment_profile_id
AND ap.system_profile_code = sp.system_profile_code
AND f.format_code = sp.payment_format_code
AND f.format_template_code = 'IBYDE_CTX_US_en'

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